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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 English Sub

dragon ball super episode 58

This is Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Subbed in English online. The full episode is released and available online. You can watch the Full episode here from below links

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Subbed

Episode Description

Title:        “Zamasu and Black – The Mystery of the Two Deepens”
Saga:        Future Trunks
Season:    4
Episode:  58

About Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Saga

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Saga also known as Goku Black Saga or Rebellious Zamasu Saga is the fourth saga/season of Super Dragon Ball and the third saga of Dragon Ball Super Manga.

This saga begins with the future Trunks again being in Danger from the mysterious enemy that is so powerful and is wiping the future earth. In the meantime, future Trunks meets with his mom, Bulma, who is making a time machine that is about to finish. This will help both of them to go to the past and seeks their friends help once again. So when they are ready to leave, suddenly an explosion hits their hideout. Future Bulma’s lab and all of her equipment are destroyed. As they are in danger, Bulma forces Trunks to leave without her. Trunks manages to escape.

Trunks then leave and go to Mai present in the future. Where trunks tell her that her mother is no more. Both of them eats food and make a plan to go to the Past, 17 years back, on the time machine that her mother built. So they go out to Capsule Corporation, where the mysterious enemy appears from which they are hiding from. Trunks stops the enemy and tells mai to go the past on the time machine. However, Future Mai wants trunks to go back to the past. So, Mai draws the attention of the mysterious enemy while trunks try to escape on the Time Machine. While Mai is dealing with the enemy, she is hit and remains unconscious. Futures Trunks got raged up and looks at the enemy, where he seems to be Goku look alike and named as Goku Black.

Trunks then vanish in the time machine and go straight into the past where his friends are. He meets with his friends and tells the story that how Future Earth is in danger and he needs their help.

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 English Sub Online

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