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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Eng Dub

dragon ball super episode 41 dub

This is Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 English Dub online. The full episode is released and available online. You can watch the Full episode here.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Dubbed

Episode Description

Title:        “Come Forth, Divine Dragon! And Grant My Wish, Easy Please!”
Saga:        Universe 6
Season:    3
Episode:  14

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 Eng Dub Online

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Click on above button and watch Dragon ball super episode 41 dubbed full online. If video is not playing or removed or giving 404 error then comment below to let us know. We will fix it.

About Dragon Ball Super Dubbed Universe 6 Saga

In Universe 6 Saga, after Frieza is defeated, all the group the gathers at the capsule corporation. Piccolo is revived with the Dragon Balls. Gohan asks piccolo that he wants to continue his training in order to get more stronger to protect his loved ones when they are in danger.

Goku and Vegeta again go back with Whis at Beerus planet after defeating Frieza. They continue their training. While both of them trains, suddenly a god of destruction named Champa and his angel Vados appears. They are the from another Universe 6. Champa appears to be twin brother of Beerus and Vados appears to be older sister of Whis. Champa and Beerus argue with each other on everything, the last thing they argue on is the food of their universes. All of them enjoy a little meal from earth on Beerus planet. Champa says that earth of Universe 6 is no more due to some warfare that took place on it. He settles a match between Universe 6 and Universe 7

If universe 6 wins, Champa would acquire Earth of Universe 7 and if universe 7 wins, Champa would give the 6 Super Dragon balls with 7th already hidden on Universe 7 somewhere. Goku tells Beerus that Bulma would be able to locate that remaining super dragon ball.

So, Beerus accepts the Champa’s proposal. Both of the universes now prepare their warriors for the battle. The battle takes place in Universe 6.

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