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Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 Eng Dub Online

dragon ball super episode 25

This is Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 Eng Dub online. The full episode is released and available online. You can watch the Full episode here.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 Dubbed

Episode Description

Title:        “A Full-Throttle Battle! The Vengeful Golden Frieza”
Saga:       Golden Frieza
Season:   2
Episode:  11

Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 Eng Dub Online

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About Dragon Ball Super Dubbed Golden Frieza Saga

After the battle of the Gods, Goku loses but gives a tough fight to Beerus. Beerus and Whis make friends with Goku and other members. Beerus does not destroy the earth. Both of them continue to visit earth to taste delicious food from time to time. Earth is in peace now. As Whis and Beerus are no more danger. Vegeta chose whis as his apprentice and asks him to train him. Whis accepts the proposal and takes Vegeta to the God’s planet where Vegeta continues his training to reach heights of power.

You may remember Frieza very well. He is somehow revived. Earth is again in danger with the resurrection of Frieza. Freiza after revival wants to take his long last revenge against Goku. He gathers his army and goes towards planet earth. Not knowing of Frieza, people of earth continue living their life. Goku then hears from Bulma that Vegeta is training with whis. Hearing this, Goku gets outrageous. He calls whis and asks him that he too want to train. Somehow Goku also manages to persuade whis to allow him training. Now both Vegeta and Goku train as Whis being their apprentice. They reach the greater heights of power. And finally achieve the Super Saiyan Blue form, a form with power that rivals the God.

Now back on earth, that evil Frieza finally reaches with his army. Goky and Vegeta’s family and friends try to stop them but this isn’t enough. Frieza is more powerful than ever. He can transform into completely new from, Golden Frienza. Vegeta and Goku then land on earth using Goku’s instant transmission where they face frieza.

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