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Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Spoilers [Combat Loving Saiyans]

dragon ball super episode 112 spoilers

I hope you are enjoying watching the latest Dragon Ball Super series. The excitement level gets more intense as every new episode releases. Today we are going to throw some light on Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Spoilers. The title says “Having Fun! Combat loving Saiyans battle once more”. This episode will primary focus on Cale, Kaulifla and Goku. After the long fight of goku with jiren in the previous episodes, Goku is now tired with depleted power.fIn this situation warriors from Universe 3 see the

In this situation warriors from Universe 3 see the perfect chance to knock out Goku as he has lost his stamina. So they gather to fight Goku and in the meantime Cale and Kaulifla lands in to help Goku. Episode 112 was focused on vegeta and cabba, this episode is focused on Cale, Kaulifla and Goku.

dragon ball super episode 113 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Title

The title episode 113 of Dragon Ball Super is,

Having fun! Combat loving Saiyans Battle Once More!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Spoilers

Now let us shed some light on what we know of episode 113 of super dragon ball. Goku has fought with Kale and Caulifla in the previous episodes. During their battle Caulifla achieves the perfect Super Saiyan 2 form. With that in mind, Caulifla has the desire to battle with Goku once more in order to reach higher limits of her power.

kale vs Goku


Dragon ball Super episode 113 spoilers say that, Goku is tired and has lost stamina after the intense and epic battle with jiren. This seems to be the good chance for other universes to knock out Goku while he is tiresome. So, universe 3 warriors close in on Goku. But Guess what !! the two saiyan girls Kale and Caulifla come to rescue goku. Both of them fight with universe 3 warriors to help Goku.

After the universe 3 warriors disperse, both sisters ask Goku to have battle with them again. Goku happily accepts the offer and says yes. But as he is tired, Goku says that he would fight with them in his normal because he can not go Super Saiyan for now. While his fight he will slowly regain his stamina and strength. This seems to be ok with Kale and Caulifla. And this is where Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 comes to the end.

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