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Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Spoilers and Leaks [Vegeta’s Resolve]

Finally this is vegeta’s turn to to do something epic. As the episode title tells us that this episode is gonna be revolving around vegeta. A good news for Prince Vegeta’s fans. Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 spoilers are here and it is scheduled to release on Oct 22 on Sunday. The episode will throw a light the saiyans from Universe 6 with vegeta as the Price of Saiyans teaching Cabba some noble attitude.

The next few episodes of Dragon Ball Super will be super epic. Episode 111 preview and spoilers are already out. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 112, Cabba wants his team mates to fight at full potential that’s why he faces Monna of universe 4 alone. However he gets beat up so bad and at the end saved by his master, mighty Prince Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince also gives him lesson of motivation that “Fight with no regrets“.

dragon ball super episode 112 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Title

“Vow of Saiyans. Vegeta’s Resolve!!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Spoilers

In order to let Caulifla and other teammates be able to fight at full power. Cabba alone goes against Monna of univers 4 to help this team. However het gets beaten up and blown away later saved by vegeta. Vegeta further gives a lesson to Cabba as his Master that Fight with no regrets.

Personally I like the character of vegeta very much. He is strong, stubborn and a noble warrior. Worthy of calling a Prince. This is episode should be a Vegeta and Cabba fans favorite. Vegeta is Saiyan Prince and he wants cabba to act like. He cannot see a Saiyan warrior to be weak in the battle. That’s why he teaches cabba time to time in the battle.

The preview of Dragon Ball Super episode 112 will be available shortly.

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