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Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers [Hit vs Jiren Fight]

dragon ball super episode 111 spoilers

I can assume that you liked the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super. Goku had a tremendous fight with Jiren and he achieved an Epic new Form with Ultra instincts. Seeing that episode, you all will be loose on patience for Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 spoilers. The Spoilers for DB Super Episode 111 are already out. As a fan, I would like to show you a little review of Dragon Ball Super episode 111.

In episode 111, Hit will face Jiren alone. Hit quickly steps right after before Jiren when Goki loses his stamina. This could also be a payback to Goku from Hit as Goku helped Hit with Dyspo.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Title

Episode 111: A Battle of Extreme Level, Hit vs Jiren!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers

First, let me state the Official spoilers translated by KenXyro

Jiren of Universe 11 deflects the spirit bomb launched by Son Goku. And then after is confronted by Hit of Universe 6.Hit lets Jiren attack him on purpose so he could plan a strategy out of this moves to defeat him. Then Hit uses time skip but that doesn’t work at all.

Goku may have achieved a new form but this could not lead us to believe that Goku is on par with Jiren. Hit jumps into the fight with Jiren while Goku is tight on power. Hit is one of the strongest warriors from Universe 6. Apart from Hit helping Goku, he could also have a personal taste in fighting with the strongest warrior Jiren who possess the energy to compete evenly with God of destruction.

Let me make Drgaon Ball Super Episode 111 spoilers simple for you. With a whole new form and constant fighting. Goku loses stamina and power. And at that point hit intervenes as a “pay returned” to Goku for helping with dyspo! hit may also have his own reason to taking up this sort of strong opponent as Jiren or maybe hit want’s to enhance his power by fighting an opponent this strong. It seems hit takes a number of Jiren’s assaults on motive so as to parent out Jiren’s fighting style and to come up with an effective plan against him. Hit also uses time skip but it seems to be useless in the world of void.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Preview

Below is the preview of episode 111 of dragon ball super.

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